Assisted Bathing Products

  • Bath Step
  • Bath Lifter
  • Custom Made Bath Cushions

Bath Step


Bath steps are one of the most important assisted bathing products on the
market. Our attractive,
modular bath step has been specifically designed to make daily activities, especially getting
into and out of the bath, easier. The large surface area of our bath step
gives the user confidence and the textured surface provides additional safety.

Sterling 311 Bath Lifter

New and improved Sterling Bath Lift with more great features! The Sterling 311 Bath Lift is designed with convenience in mind for individuals
who experience difficulty in using their bath. This battery powered reclining
seat comes equipped with a comfortable, anti-slip seat cover as well as
an easy to use waterproof remote control with three clearly marked, textured
large buttons. Sturdy and durable, this bath lift provides users a safe
bathing option, with comfort in mind.

Simply press the DOWN button and your bath lift will lower you gently into
the bath. Once lowered, it will start to recline. You can then select
the most comfortable bathing position at the touch of a button. Pressing
the UP button returns the bath lift to the start position.

An intelligent safety system checks the power levels before every use.
The control will not allow you to lower your bath lift unless there is
sufficient power to raise it again. An illuminated symbol will remind
you when it's time to recharge the hand control. The ergonomic, tactile
control buttons make operation simple and easy, release suction pads allow
you to position the hand control on a convenient, smooth surface.

Benefits of an Assisted Bathing Bath Lift

  • The large folding side panels open to rest on the edges of your bath, creating
    a generous transfer area.
  • Your bath lift is fitted with deluxe comfort covers as standard.
  • The seat is supported by a strong, rustproof, stainless steel frame. It
    can safely support bathers up to 297 lbs.
  • Your bath lift is securely fixed by suction cups. These can be easily released
    by using the quick release handle.
  • The unit folds for easy storage when not in use. This also makes it easy
    to take with you when traveling.

Assisted Bathing Bath Lift Dimensions:

  • Maximum weight capacity: 287 lbs
  • Maximum lift height: 17"
  • Weight of unit: 23.5 lbs
  • Maximum overall height of unit: 39.5"
  • Length of unit in upright position: 26.4"
  • Backrest to front edge of seat: 19"
  • Maximum width of backrest: 13.9"
  • Seat to top of backrest: 22.9"
  • Width of seat: 16.5"
  • Width of seat with side flaps fully extended: 26.5"
  • Reclining positions: 10°, 35°, and 45°

Custom Made Bath Cushions, and Pillows!


We are now offering:

  • Custom Made Bath Cushions
  • Custom made Bath Pillows
  • 4" adjustable Bath Step

Custom Made Bath Cushions are available in Grey or Almond, and our Bath
Pillows and Adjustable 4" steps
are only available in White. If you would like to order, give us a call
or mail the
order form and your check in the amount of product to:

Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs

3411 E. Hwy 377
Granbury, TX 76049

Toll Free Telephone: 888.825.2362

Upon receipt of payment, we will ship within two business days.

Order Yours Today!!

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