Learn About the Pure Bubbles System in Our Walk-in Tubs

Pure Bubbles System

Skin Therapy. Anti-aging. Perfect for Every Walk-in Tub.


After the age of 30, skin cell production decreases noticeably. With 70% more oxygen than regular tap water, our Pure Bbbles System will increase the skin cell regeneration process and make your body feel glowing, radiant and plumped through the stimulation of your natural collagen production.


This revolutionary treatment will clear the skin by exfoliating and removing the impurities within the skin pores. It will lighten superficial skin imperfections and pigmentation spots while naturally blending the skin tone.


The pure bubbles system cleanses, hydrates, and revitalizes and tightens the skin. You will immediately see a reduction of the fine lines and wrinkles combined with an improved, moisturized skin elasticaity resulting in a truly rejuvenated and radiant skin.

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