Customer Testimonials


Met with rep from Safe Step tubs today. The tubs were comparable with what you showed me Monday but was not impressed with their showers. Their presentation was good but was pressured to sign a contract today. When I declined their offer, the rep seemed upset and cold towards me. They could not beat your price even with all the discounts. I canceled the meeting with Premier. I did not want to sit through another pressure sale spill. I am ready to close the deal with Best Buy Walk-in bath tubs.

Martha Hall



I can't begin to tell you how happy my husband and I are with our new walk in tub. Though at first I didn't feel we were "old enough" to need a walk in tub I realized there are far more benefits than just not having to step in and out of a standard tub. In recent years a couple of accidents landed us with ankle or knee injuries. The massaging water jets make a wonderful soothing therapy! I've always enjoyed soaking in a hot tub of water but love it even more after a day of working in my flower beds or pulling weeds. Aching back muscles are soothed and relaxed with the water and air jets pouring over them. We treat the tub as our own private individual whirlpool.

The experience of buying the tub was the best. The showroom is amazing and so good to be able to see and sit in the actual tubs. You and Lindsey were so knowledgeable and helpful with all our questions. Ken was great with followup.

If we had it to do over, I would get it in a heartbeat! Thanks for everything!!!

Jane, Poolville, TX.


I love my new tub. Tried it out last night--went for the plunge so to speak.
I had looked at and done a great deal of research on walk in tubs prior
to even going to Best Buy to actually see their tubs. I made the correct
choice, I know it. The personel is very helpful, the prices of the Best
Buy tubs beat all others and the quality is not less because of a better
price. And, I am no longer afraid of falling again in my old tub as I
had fallen twice in it. Wish I could let everyone know about Best Buy
and everyone could actually go to the display site as I was able to do.
If they could I am sure they, too, would choose Best Buy Walk in Tubs
as their choice. Thank you Best Buy. Marilyn, Lillian, Texas



Dear Donna et al,

Thank you so very much for facilitating my being able to provide safe
and comfortable bathing facilities for my mother. Not only did you all
do a good job installing the tub and new commode, you allowed me to pay
out the balance. That was the only way I could afford this.

My God richly bless you.


Beverly R Mosley


Dear Donna,

With so many people complaining all the time, I wanted to take a moment
and give you some compliments. Roddy and Rick are phenomenal employees!
During their time at my home, they have shown respect to me and my property.
They are professional, courteous and very personable. Hard working, diligent
and constant, their work ethics are above reproach. I truly enjoyed and
appreciate them.

(I encourage you to do everything you can to keep these men on your payroll.
Losing them would be a very real loss to you and your company.)

In true appreciation,

Sandi Evans

This was truly a great experience, as I wanted to help my folks get a nice
walk in tub and at the last house they got sold an inferior product for
a whole lot more money. My research lead me to Best Buy Walk in Tubs in
Granbury and all you have to do is stop by for a visit and your search
is over. Donna and Lindsey are great and the quality of their product
is awesome. Built in house at their own factory you can really see the
difference in quality and features. They made us a great price and when
things fell apart with my personal installers they helped by sending me
one of theirs. Marcus was incredible, clean efficient and very nice to
work with. He did a great job and as usual I would assume each install
has it's own set of problems. Ours did starting with a 24" door
that he easily removed and installed us a 30" so my mom's walker
would fit through. Then the tub when placed to match up to the tile line
on the floor needed a special shelving to match what Best Buy already
gives you in the install kit. You can see from the pics that he did a
great job and matched perfectly the material and design and even put us
a nice marble back splash. Every thing turned out perfectly and we are
so happy with Best Buy and the quality of their product, don't settle
for less than the best. Go visit the show room before you buy, you owe
it to yourself to have the best at the best price factory built in Texas.

Thanks guys, you have another very satisfied customer. Rick, Don and Mildred
- Fort Worth


Donna, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. A great
deal and great service. Marcus saved the day for us when Omar kept getting
over loaded. Marcus really did a nice job. Replaced the 24" door
with a 30" I purchased from the factory to match, replaced a few
tile to make it look right. Built a nice shelf to match exactly with you
material for the spacer box and even added a nice backer board backslash
for them. You would have thought he was working for his own parents, awesome
experience. You and Lindsey were great and I truly appreciate you and
your Texas Quality product and professionalism. Below is the Facebook
testimonial I did for you and here are some pics re-sized for you. Feel
free to use me or the pics any way you can... word needs to get out that
you guys are superior to the other product in every way. My folks are
so happy with everything. I went over this morning and painted the door
an casing for them and you should see how proud they are of their new tub.

Thanks so much for everything, Rick

The installers were awesome!

Chris, Ft. Worth, TX

I find the installers very good, friendly, courteous, conscientious workers.
Did me a good job.

Maggie, Corsicana, TX

The work was completed in a very professional and courteous manner.

Jerry, Sunset, TX

Great workmanship!

Bill, Alvarado, TX

A very professional installation. Area was kept clean and carpets covered
at all times. Very good job!

C.E., Burleson, TX

Workmen were efficient and a pleasure to have in our house.

Conrad, Denton, TX

Installers are great people, would just love to keep them.

Edith, Clifton, TX

Installers were very professional and helpful.

Kenneth, Cedar Hill, TX

Workmanship is excellent! Installers were courteous, on time and respectful.
Thank you.

Peter, Quinlan, TX

The 2 gentleman that came out to the house were kind and courteous. They
cleaned their messes and the view was spectacular!! Made an old woman
happy. Maybe they need a raise or a bonus.

Pamela, Cold Spring, TX

Thanks! Everyone from the company is nice to work with. The guys that installed
the tub were very efficient, courteous and professional. Thanks to all,
it's been great!

Jonell, Kingsville, TX

We are so pleased with the look of the installation. Mike and Roddy are
so very nice and did a very good job. Ken was also nice and likeable in
showing how it all would look.

Ed, Gordon, TX

Roddy and Rickey did an excellent job on the installation. The tub looks
like it was built in when the house was built. The installation was just
completed, but we are looking forward to really enjoying the tub.

Bill and Sue-Beall, Argyle, TX

Your workers were good and informative and clean!

Lorraine, Granbury, TX

The two guys that put in the tub and door were very nice and mannerly.
They knew their business. This was not an easy job, but they did not complain.
I am very pleased with their work. Thanks,

Judy, Granbury, TX

Very pleased with work and installation. I will recommend these workers
and product to friends.

James, Diana, TX

Received by email from Judy Walker 12/30/2012

We recently bought a walk in tub for my dad and i wanted to say that the
quality and price is the best we could have found in our area. i want
to thank donna for her assistance in our purchase. she was very helpful
. she really knows the product. Thanks again.

judy w

Weatherford, TX


June 27, 2012

Dear Donna,

With so many people complaining all the time, I wanted to take a moment
and give you some compliments. Roddy and Rick are phenomenal employees!
During their time at my home, they have shown respect to me and my property.
They are professional, courteous, and very personable. Hard working, diligent
and constant, their work ethics are above reproach. I truly enjoyed and
appreciate them. (I would encourage you to do everything you can to keep
these men on your payroll. Losing them would be a very real loss to you
and your company.

In true appreciation,

Sandi Evans

Donna and Crew,

I am so sorry to just now be contacting you....i told you Donna that i
had neurological issues....i keep forgetting. Anyway, I LOVE MY TUB!!!!!
I have told everyone who will listen about it and where i got it. Im glad
i got the \"cadillac model\" .

As crazy as it may of my very favorite parts is the lights!!
Thanks for delivering installed easily by a competent
man. I will remember to send in warranty...tho late. Donna, thanks again
for opening up your store on a Sunday for us!! Thanks for everything.

If ever you need someone to tell people not to just take the cheap road
like we did at first and what not to buy...ill be happy to talk to them...or
about how much we love our best buy tub. Buy the tub from you guys and
having my bath redone ....cost me only as much as a crumby tub and not
finished remodel. So, moral to that story.....If something is too good
too be true...there is a reason.

Thanks again

Norma Graham

Sent via Email 12/29/2011

Hi, Donna, our tub


Sent via Email from Rosemarie Grabowski on 10/16/2011


We bought our tub from you several years ago, and we are still delighted
with it! We looked at many tubs from many different companies, and yours
was simply the best tub, and by far the best-looking of the dozens out
there. We also really appreciated the friendly, helpful service from you,
Donna, every time we called with a question. We have never regretted doing
business with Best Buy! Everyone should get their walk-ins from you.

Olivia M

Sent via on 10/14/2011


Thank you so much for all the help you and your staff have given me with
my new tub. It is a pleasure to work with people who care and are so friendly.

The tub is WONDERFUL! We have really enjoyed it and it is such a blessing
in our household. Since my partner has cancer and cannot get up and down
the stairs any longer, (both full baths are upstairs) this walk-in tub
has helped both of us. She is now independent again and can take care
of bathing by herself once more. Thank you so much.

Several people have talked to me about walk-in tubs and I recommend Best
Buy Tubs to all of them. It's good to buy American made products and
support our own economy whenever we can and I have to admit, it was why
I purchased from y'all, but the benefits of self cleaning and maintenance
free care are important too. Thanks again.

My continued support,

Judy Shilling

Sent via LinkedIn on 10/04/2011


This is a example of a recent Certificate of Installation and Satisfaction
that we give to customers.

Betty writes:

Steve & Mike are excellent gentlemen. They worked hard, listened to
all of my questions and answered them thoroughly. Thanks for sending them
to do the installation.

Betty Varley



March 23rd,

We sure do like your tub. My husband is feeling much better in his back.


C.L. & Marie Tucker



I made copies of both contracts front and back of the carbon copy.

C.L. fell flat on his back this morning getting out of the tub. He's
plenty reading for a walk-in tub and so am I.


Marie Tucker


This is a example of a recent Certificate of Installation and Satisfaction
that we give to customers.

Very good, well mannered workers. Professional job - very efficent, kind,
friendly, happy, polite and focused on the job at hand, cleaned up as
well - would recommend to any one - well done - thanks

Vern Koop



Dear Ms Aust:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and
your company for the excellent manner in which your company recently exhibited
in the recent installation of the walk-in tub in my home at 6318 McCartney
Lane, Garland, Texas 75043.

Your employees were courteous, efficient and diligent in their work which
they did without a lot of idle chatter. Their work was completed in record
time. In fact, when their work was finished, the appearance in my home
was greatly enhanced by the excellent workmanship they performed.

Thank you for a job well done.


Doyle Dykes


The purchase of my Sienna Walk-in Bathtub from Best Buy Walk-In Bathrubs,
has been a very pleasant experience. I was fortunate to speak with Donna
Aust, initially, and the rest was very easy.

The tub was delivered and everything needed for the installation was included
in the box. The directions were very easy to read and follow. The city
inspector came to make sure the electrical work had been done correctly
(which it had) and I was given clearance to begin using the bathtub.

My Sienna Walk-In tub has 30 air hydrotherapy jets. Therefore, my first
bath was quite relaxing. I should have gotten this tub a long time ago.
This has probed to be the BEST investment that I have made.

Thank you Donna Aust and Best Buy Walk-in Tubs for all of your help. Your
products are truly fantastic!

Maxine Wyche

Texas City, TX


May 14, 2010

Donna -

I’ve been meaning to write to you for sometime now, but life seems so
busy in retirement!! We have really enjoyed our tub, and it has made life
so much more bearable for my wife to be able to sit down for normal showering.

E. Neff

Hopewell, VA


“Oh, I’m so glad your business is doing well!” I think these tubs should
be marketed to everyone, not just persons who need a walk-in. You don’t
have to fill it all the way to get a really wonderful soak--you can immerse
yourself in the “deep end” -- and there’s nothing like a walk-in tub with
scented bath salts after shoveling snow. Plus, YOURS are by far the handsomest
of all the ones we looked at. We are so happy with it!

Thank you for the lunch date! We’ll definitely let you know if we’re ever
in your area! It could happen--I have a sister in Austin, so you never know.”

Olivia M.


Merry Christmas,

We enjoy our new bathtub. Your son is a treasure he was very nice.

Eldon & Rose Bieles


Thank you so much for the “buttons”. I know I’ll really enjoy having them.

I love my tub. It has been a blessing to me and my family. So much peace
of mind! I’ll be glad to tell anyone about it who calls. Hope you all
have a wonderful holiday season.




Dear Donna and Ken,

I want to thank you so much for the debit card, but you didn’t have to
do that. I feel like you all are family and that I have known you for
a long time. Anytime I can help let me know. I hope you all have a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Nell Bigham

Best Buy,

Donna the men that put in the tub were very efficient and really knew their
business. Everything is real nice and I’m sure will be appreciated by my dad.

George M.

Great job! We’ve never had such a smooth, easy “remodel” of anything, ever!

Thank you!

Gloria H.


Tell your son I need a new rug in my living room because I have had so
many people coming through to look at the tub! They just can’t get over
how nice it looks. I let them sit in it-if they take their shoes off!
They say how good it feels and how easy it is to get in and out. I enjoyed
the two men that did the work. They were so nice I hated to see them finish.

I took your brochures to the doctor’s office. Now I can have a job! (just
kidding). I think of you all every day.


Alline S.

Dad’s tub looks great! I’m so glad the hydrotherapy won’t affect dad’s
cardio problem. I don’t think it’s a serious one, but we will know more
May 10. Thank you for your help.

By the way, we have friends in Sherman that had checked into a walk in
tub and thought the price was too much. So they decided to remodel their
shower area. After they completed their remodel, they realized they had
spent more than the cost of the walk in tub!!!! Now all they have is a
shower, just a shower, not hydrotherapy and not safety. They had a seat
built into their shower. I told her that was dangerous because my mom
had fallen and hit her bench. I know they have regrets, but will live
with their current shower situation. You may have heard something like
this before, but in case you haven’t I wanted to share it with you.

Glenda W.


Thank you very much. We will call to schedule delivery for Thursday. We
are looking forward to enjoying our new tub.

I would just like to say, as the Director of Customer Servive for my employer,
it has a pleasure working with you. You provide superior customer service.
You are a great asset to Best Buy Tubs.


Dear Donna & Ken,

I wanted to tell you about how great my Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tub is and
you are welcome to use this letter as a reference any time. I am in my
60's and my health has been deteriorating I am dizzy all the time.
I am unable to stand up for any length of time. This walk in tub has been
a blessing with the bars and seat I can now wash my hair and bathe in
safety. If not for this God sent bath tub I probably would have broken
my neck by now. This tub was definitely worth the money and has added
value to my home.


Eileen Devaney

Granbury, TX

View Eileen's Letter


We still love our tub. It's so wonderful to bathe in complete safety.

Jerry Randolph

Christmas 2008


December 9, 2008

Otisco, IN

We love our tub! We’ve changed our 60’s bathroom to this therapeutic, relaxing
getaway. You all have been so nice to deal with. Thanks from us here in
southern Indiana!

Carol & Maurice Dieterlen

September 22, 2008

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Great product and company. Thanks. Just love it.

Bob & Alice L.


September 11, 2008

Conroe, TX

Great tub! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I've got a
whole lot more than that to say!

Bobbye Conner

Brashaer, TX


Finally got my tub installed! I thought I was going to have to fill it
with a water hose and use it outside. Works great - I love it - No more
fear of falling.

C. George

View Carolyn's Letter

Trent, TX


Dear Donna,

Thanks for sending my pillow. I know I'll enjoy it. I'd like to
thank you, Ken, Mike, Shawn and Ryan for a job well done! The tub is wonderful!
For the first time in a long time I've felt secure bathing. Not only
is the bath great, the tub is beautiful too. You all have done yourselves
proud, and made me a very happy person!

May God bless you all.


Charlie Broadwell

If you are in my area - give me a call - I'd love to have you visit me. - CB

View Charlie's Letter

July 10, 2008

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Aust & Lindsey:

We are exceedingly pleased with our walk-in tub. It is so wonderful to
again be able to take a bath in security and serenity. I've gone to
one funeral of a 38+ year friend who died from a fall and another 38+
year friend fell, broke her back and is now paralyzed from the waist down.
She lived in Houston and we attended a lot of events together. Before
her fall she had had some physical problems and her daughter took her
home with her to Cleveland, Ohio, where the fall occurred. I fear I won't
be able to see her again alive. She is a part of the greatest generation
that fought WW2 and won. She is such a remarkable person.

Your son Michael and helper Ryan did an excellent installation job. And,
again, we are enjoying our tub so much.

Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you.


Jerry L. Randolph CPS

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We are really enjoying our new Best Buy Walk in Bath Tub. It was a pleasure
having the installation crew in our home. They were all fine gentlemen
and completed all tasks from removal of the old tub to installation of
the new one and clean up in a professional manner.


Bob Willey Consulting

ATTN: Robert W. Willey, P.E.

2201 89th St.

Lubbock, TX 79423-4325

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Aust,

I cannot begin to tell you how much enjoyment I am receiving from my walk-in
tub. I prefer the tub bath to a shower, but it was getting almost impossible
to get in and out of the tub. Besides being painful, especially to my
knees, there was the danger of falling. I feel so much safer with the
walk-in tub. So many friends and neighbors have been by to see it, or
have expressed a desire to do so. It is the prettiest feature of the bathroom;
enjoyable and safe.

Thank you,

Mary Alice A.

Pittsburg, TX

Ken and Donna,

I was pleasantly surprised when Ken drove his pickup into my driveway and
unloaded a Best Buy Walk-In Tub. Of course, no water, but I wanted to
sit down in the tub. It was just what I wanted. My knees have been out
more than I have, but at 88 years of age, I manage.

The tub was delivered and the plumbing and fixtures were installed with
no problems.

The hydrotherapy jets are a pleasure. Thanks for making my life so much better.


Inez M.

Paradise, TX

Dear Ken and Donna,

Thank you both so much for all the efficient and attentive service you
gave us. We were amazed at your willingness to go way beyond normal business
practices by being personally attentive to all details.

You were God's answer to our prayers - and they are always answered
way beyond our expectations! Now our prayer is that your company will
thrive and grow beyond your expectations.

May you always be blessed!


Nannette M.

Fort Worth, TX

Dear Best Buy Walk-In Tub,

The walk-in tub which was installed by your company has truly accomplished
a safe and comfortable bathing experience for my husband and me. My husband
has Alzheimer’s and needed a more secure way to bathe. Since he needs
assistance from me during his bath this tub takes the stress off of my
back. I suffer with Osteoporosis Osteoarthritis of the spine and need
all the help I can get.

Thank you so much,


La Porte, TX

Dear Ken,

Thank you so much for my walk-in bath tub. It is just what the doctor ordered.

I absolutely love this tub it is totally relaxing and soothing. I could
not ask for anything better. It is just what the doctor ordered.


Mesquite, TX

"... I had been having quite a bit of trouble bathing because of a
recent health issue and I was becoming concerned that I might become a
burden on my family. Installing a walk-in tub solved both problems for
me. I can't thank you enough."


Angela B.

Houston, TX

"...what's so positive about this whole experience is that the
folks at Best Buy come in, get to know you, your bathroom space, your
specific needs. Then, they don't just sell you a tub, collect your
money and leave. They clean out the old tub, tile and accessories and
install the new tub, trim it out, and show us how to get the most out of it.

One phone call, one point of contact. The peace of mind that provides is just can't put a value on it!"

Jim G.

Little Rock, AR

"...I told a few of my friends at church that I had a walk-in bath
tub installed in my home. I also told them that it has made a huge difference
in my life and I don't regret a single penny I paid for it. In fact,
the only regret I have is that I didn't hear of it sooner in life."

Stella C.

Sherman, TX

"...I was worried that I would have to knock out a wall or something,
or that it would take a great deal of extra expense to prepare my home
to receive the tub. But the installation was so easy and it fit right
where the old one was."

Henry O.

Comanche, TX

I received my tubs this morning I opened it and it is beautiful.

Thanks God Bless

L. Olafson

South Dakota

I love my walk in bath tub, it has help so many of my aches and pains,
after just my first bath I felt relief in my legs. I wanted to let you
know that you are welcome to use me as a reference anytime. I also have
no problem with you bringing potential customers to my home to see my
installed tub. Thank you so much.

Nell B.

DeCordova Bend, Granbury TX

Ms. Bucy is thrilled beyond words. I have great praise for the installers.

They were patient, neat, kind, and respectful of Ms.Bucy and her house.
We could not have asked for a better installation team for this project.
The tub is fabulous and a real spirit lifter for Ethelene. Thank you so much,

J. Jackson

Hilshire Village, TX

I love my new tub from Best Buy, thank you so much.

Mary S.

Arlington, TX

Hi Donna,

Thank you so much, we really love the tub.

Lillian U.

West, TX

name: Jerry and Rejina S

city: Austin

state: TX

phone: 5125518008

discovery: Surfing the Web comments: We invite all to call or visit us
regarding our fantastic two years using our BestBuy walk-in tub. After
months of research we made the right decision doubt about it.

Hi Donna,

We have your tub and I just love it. I have had the tub three years and
it has made my life so much easier when it comes to bathing, thanks to
you and Ken for a wonderful product.

Connie Barcuch

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