Sierra & Sienna Walk-In Bathtubs


This is our original line of walk in tubs and still our most popular because they are so very user friendly. The Sierra and Sienna walk-in bath tubs were designed with your safety, independence and comfort in mind. No more worries of slipping and falling! No more need for assistance getting in and out of the bathtub This walk in tub is designed for many years of trouble-free bathing. 

About the Sierra & Sienna Line

Both the Sierra and Sienna walk-in bathtubs are available in a soaker model for people that simply just want to soak. Also available are 28 Air Hydrotherapy jets on the Sierra and 30 Air Hydrotherapy jets on the Sienna, the jets are located all around the floor, the back of the legs and all around the seat. At the touch of a button the three speed air hydrotherapy starts the air circulating creating millions of bubbles. The Sierra & Sienna walk in bath tubs step in can be lowered to a low step in. Two built in grab bars which contribute to the ease of entering and exiting our walk in bath tub. A wide door opening of 18" from side to side which helps ease the difficulty of entering and exiting the tub. Our walk in bath tubs also offer a slim wide door which opens very wide which means no more struggling to get the door around your legs . Our doors were designed with a double door seal, including a lifetime guarantee on the door and double door seal. The door opens to the inside, so simply open the door and step in on the non-slip floor surface, sit down in the contoured non skid seat, lock down the small door handle and turn on the color coded hot and cold water fixtures for a relaxing, enjoyable walk in bathing experience. All of our walk in bath tubs include a hand held shower wand.



  • 52.5"L X 26.5"W X 37"H
  • 26.5" wide
  • 52.5" long
  • 37" tall
  • 28 air hydrotherapy jets
  • 52.5" L X 30.5"W X 37"H
  • 30.5" wide
  • 52.5" long
  • 37" tall
  • 30 air hydrotherapy jets

Sierra & Sienna Walk In Tubs Features

  • Low step in (request when ordering
  • 18" wide door opening (full opening from side to side)
  • Slim Door for ease of entering and exiting
  • 2 Built-in grab bars
  • Anti-slip Floor
  • Anti-slip, contoured built-in seat
  • Sure-grip user friendly locking door handle
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel air hydrotherapy jets (purge)
  • 1 HP, 3 speed air hydrotherapy blower
  • 2" Cable operated drain system
  • Left and right hand door options
  • Shower curtain, rod and rings
  • Available in white or almond
  • Fit any standard bath tub space or large shower
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