Walk-In Bathtub Features & Add-Ons

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Best Buy Walk-In Tubs Features:

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs is a family owned and operated company and all our
products are made in the USA. In designing our walk-in bath tubs, we considered
what people might want to make bathing a more relaxing experience. Several
features are available to indulge yourself and improve the health of your
mind and body.

Three-Speed Control Hydrotherapy Jet System With Push Button Controllers


Hydrotherapy brings relief from the muscle stiffness and aches from rheumatism
and arthritis. The
hydrotherapy jets give the body maximum coverage, ensuring maximum benefit. Our adjustable
pulsation control enables you to choose how much is best for you. Our
hydrotherapy jet systems are push-button controlled enabling ease of use for those with diminished
strength in their hands, limited eyesight or are arthritic. As little
as 15 minutes of hydrotherapy a day can greatly improve the way you feel.

Chair High Seat With 18' Wide Door

The raised contour seat and 18" wide door offer the security of easy
access. Our bath is nearly twice the depth of regular tubs for true soaking
comfort with a 27" long foot area to stretch out and relax.

Built-In Safety Features

The built-in grab rails, cable operated drain system and the special non-slip
floor surface add security, ensuring your well-being. Every detail of
our walk-in tubs was designed with your safety in mind.

Fits Into Normal Bath Space

Our walk in tubs are designed to fit into your existing bathroom eliminating
the need for costly redesigns prior to installation.

Built For Years Of Service

Our walk-in bath tubs utilize a quality maintenance-free design and are
built on a sturdy steel frame with six leveling legs. The
steel frame and
watertight door are of the highest quality and they give you total peace of mind. Brass and
steel fittings are used throughout for durability and trouble-free use. Our
tubs have a Lifetime Warranty which includes the Door, Double Door Seal,
Steel Frame and the Tub Shell. MOEN and Delta Faucets also offer Lifetime
Warranty. 10 year Warranty on all other components.

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs Add-Ons:

Ameriwall™ Shower Enclosure System


AmeriWall™ bath tub and shower walls look amazingly similar to tile,
require little maintenance and are backed by a full 5-year guarantee.
The seams are virtually invisible and leak-proof, which insures product
longevity and years of easy cleaning. The patented interlocking and overlapping
channels make the walls more rigid during and after installation and much
easier to install. Installation can be completed within a few hours.

Acessabath™ Bath Safety Shower & Independent Living System


AccessaBath™ bath safety products makes bathing so much easier and
safe for disabled and elderly users. The innovative design allows you
to roll a wheelchair up the ramp and into the shower pan. It allow users
to bathe safely in the chair or on the folding seat. Either way, they
can use the bath safety grab bars to steady themselves and clean and rinse
with the hand-held bath safety shower head and hose.

Bath Lifter


The therapeutic value of bathing is recognized by most of us; to simply
relax in the bath and gently ease away your stresses, aches and pains
is one of life's pleasures. However, you may find access to your bath
difficult for any number of reasons. The Sterling 303 is a
battery powered reclining bath lifter that has been designed to assist you to bathe safely and comfortably.
With the Sterling 303 you can enjoy the pleasures of a soak in the bath
once again.

So rest easy and enjoy the bath that you deserve!
Contact us today!

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