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Congressman Brady:

My name is Ed Buckman and I'm 100% disabled due to cold weather injuries in NOV. 1950 to May 1951. About three years ago, because of my diabetes; I felt a need for one of these new walk in tubs. I went to my doctor at
the VA and he wrote me a prescription. I than carried it to the Prosthetics Department at the Dallas VA. The person at the Dallas VA indicated the way he read the book, I did not qualify. I was a little upset because the book talked about allowing a person in a wheel chair an allowance of $4100.00 toward the purchase of fixing a shower for entrance of a wheelchair. I did not argue with him

but I did write a letter to the Senator in charge of Veterans Administration as I felt the time the book was written there was no walk in tubs.

To shorten the story with in 6 weeks the Dallas VA got a letter from Washington D.C. that the benefit now included walk in baths. Since that time approximately 30 tubs have been delivered by all over the state
of Texas. Recently the allowance has been raised to $6,800.00(up to) I have found this firm has the best price and go out of their way to keep the veterans happy. Two constituents in your District R#8 have need for these tubs and for some reason the Prosthetics Department misinterpreted the wording. I?m going to be 81 Dec. 1st so I am well aware how easy it is to fall in the shower or bathroom, as a matter of fact 65% of all falls happen in the bathroom. On a recent trip to the Capitol I really missed my walk in tub. I've had mine close to three years and I really like it.

Certainly our benefits book should read the same for all veterans no matter what part of the state. If a veteran is disabled 50% to 100% he is entitled up to that fi

gure towards the purchase of a Tub. Mrs. Donna Aust 877.416.5289
is President of Best Buy WALK-IN BATH TUBS AND COULD ANSWER ANY QUESTION YOU HAVE. We are both GOP, I've been a personal friend of Congressman
Sam Johnson for years.

Thank you for your service,

Ed Buckman National Director of Legislative Affairs
Co-Founder of the Sam Johnson Chapter


Korean Veterans Association Chapter 270

Thank You, Best Buy Walk-In Tubs

Thank you, Best Buy Walk-In Tubs, for your generous contributions to our chapter. 100% of Best Buy Walk-In Tubs' contributions go directly to causes that benefit veterans, especially Korean War Veterans. 50% goes to support the historically significant Korean War-The Graybeards magazine. 50% to provide comfort items for veteran patients at the Dallas VA Hospital.

The Sam Johnson Chapter 270 of the
Korean War Veterans Association
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August 15, 2008

Garland, TX

Dear Ms. Aust:

I would like to thank you to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and your company for the excellent manner in which your company recently exhibited in the recent installation of the walk-in tub in my home in Garland, Texas.

Your employees were courteous, efficient and diligent in their work which they did without a lot of idle chatter. Their work was completed in record time. In fact, when their work was finished, the appearance of my home was greatly enhanced by the excellent workmanship they performed.

Thank you for a job well done.
Doyle Dykes

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Dear Best Buy Walk In Tubs,

Thank you so much for helping me work with the VA in receiving funds towards my walk in bath tub. I am really enjoying my tub it is wonderful. Now I don't have to worry about falling as I get dizzy standing in the shower the walk in bath tub has taken that worry away. The installers did a great job on the installation.
I will recommend you to all my friends and especially my Veteran friends.
Tommy K.
Vietnam Veteran
Rockdale, TX

Ken & Donna:

As a veteran I really appreciate the efforts that your firm has made to help us in the simple matter of taking care of ourselves in a safe comfortable environment. Like many veterans I suffer from cold weather injury, osteoporosis,
COPD, diabetes, arthritis. Many others have balance problems due to loss of a limb. As I mentioned to you my Dad died of a heart attack over exerting himself pulling up from a tub bath.

All these thoughts ran through my mind when I first saw an advertisement on these walk in tubs. Naturally my first question was how much do they cost? About the cost of two months in assisted living quarters was my first thought. Then when we found out that the Veterans Administration has now included this benefit under the Home Improvement section and a veteran with a 50% disability can receive UP TO $4100.00 to have the benefits and safety of a walk in tub. This put you in this veteran’s budget, and I just love the installed product. It adds to the value of my house, and someday my kids will enjoy this value in the old homestead!
Thanks again. I hope your business continues to grow, your price is right
and the service was great!
Ed Buckman
Korea 50/51
Hurst, Texas

Donna & Ken

My wife and I are enjoying our new Best Buy Walk In Tub. We have never worked with any better people than you two. What a pleasant experience. I have sent two other Veterans to you and they are also loving their bathing

Frank T.

WWII Purple Heart Veteran

White Settlement, TX

My tub is so wonderful and relaxing I don't want to get out. Thank
you so much.

E. Lee

WWII 100% Disabled Veteran

Fort Worth, TX


Attached is a copy of my award for Disabled American Veteran for the State of Texas 2015. This bathtub has been a tremendous help to my legs, feet and back. I cannot thank your staff enough for your help. Best service I have received in a long time, thanks to you all. -

Arthur Fletcher VA Award of the year.

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