The Benefits of a Walk-In Shower or Walk-In Bathtub In Your Home

For those that have issues related to mobility, getting in and out of a shower and bathtub combination can be both risky and dangerous. Many people who have slipped and fallen in their bathrooms wind up in the hospital. Such falls can cause injury or sometimes even death. This is a very common problem experienced by elderly people. Installing a walk in shower or walk in bathtub can be very beneficial for many people, because it can improve their daily safety and independence.

However, even those that do not have any kind of mobility issue but are older, may consider remodeling their bathrooms one of the greatest investment they can make. Even if you’re not worried about resale value, a walk-in bathtub will provide you with comfort and safety for years to come. Whether you have considered walk in bath tubs in the past or not, there are quite a few reasons that you may wish to add one to your home.

Installation Can Be Easy
Many people think that installing a walk in tab and shower can be a difficult, expensive and time consuming process. This is simply not the case. This shower and bath tub combination can fit the space that is currently occupied by your bath tub and can come in many sizes, shapes and colors to suit your bathroom’s decor. Installation can be as simple as removing your old shower and bath tub and replacing them with your new walk in shower or walk in tub.

Added Features
You can also enjoy features like Aromatherapy or Chromotherapy. Bath cushions and many other extras can also be added.

Additional Safety Features
Aside from the ease to use and install, these showers and bathtubs have many safety features that come with them to make the experience of showering and bathing more safe, easy, and simple. One of the features are grab bars to hold when entering the bathroom, maneuvering and also exiting the shower. This feature is very useful to individuals with mobility issues or elderly clients.

This is one of the most valuable benefits of walk-in shower or Bathtub. Especially when you have had a hard or busy day. Having a walk in bath tab can and should reduce the chances of getting an injury while getting into or out of the bathtub.

Health Benefits
Hot Baths or showers may alleviate arthritis symptoms and benefit circulation. Frequent baths may also help improve sleep.

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