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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Best Buy walk-in tub?

Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs is, has and will always be dedicated to providing the best walk in bath tub on the market. Our commitment to our customer is to continue to provide the best user friendly walk in bath tub available. Our continuing dedication & commitment is to help our customers maintain their independence and safety for many years to come. While also retaining the dignity and freedom to bathe unassisted in the manner to which they have become accustomed. We are family owned and operated business and have been manufacturing our walk in bath tub since 2006 in Texas. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ Rating. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our door, double door seal, gel coated marine grade fiberglass shell, steel frame and the 6 leveling legs. MOEN and Delta also offer a lifetime warranty. All other components are covered by a manufacturers 10 year warranty..

How safe is a Best Buy walk-in tub?

The American Disabilities Act Compliant “Grab Bar” assists the elderly or physically challenged bather in rising or sitting in the tub. The elevated seat is perfect for a safe and easy transition from standing to sitting, and to rising for exiting the tub. Our walk-in door provides safety and ease of use, eliminating the risk, discomfort and potential injury experienced by climbing into a standard tub. Our slim door opens widely, it does not interfere with entering or exiting the tub. It enables the bather to be seated before closing or opening the door. No longer does the bather have to negotiate the door to sit or stand.

Will it fit in my bathroom?

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs are designed to pass through normal door passageways with no or minimal door disassembly and to be retrofitted into the location of your existing tub space.

How does the water-tight door system work?

The water tight door uses a special material which, when compressed by latching the door, forms a water-tight seal. The weight of the water also compresses the door, which further insures the water-tight seal.

How long does it take to fill and drain?

This all depends on how the existing tub fills and drains. Usually 2-4 minutes. There are other drains on the market that the claim is that the tub will drain in seconds. Which is perfect in new plumbing. Existing plumbing is not recommended due to the amount of water pressure being forced down the water lines at the same time. Over the years water lines are not able to with stand this type of pressure.

How wide is the door?

18" from side to side in width, which makes for easy entering and exiting.

Can I take a shower?

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs come with a hand-held showerhead that can be mounted on the wall. Simply press a button to switch from faucet to shower.

What size hot water heater is recommended?

We recommend a 50 gallon or larger.

How durable are Best Buy walk-in bathtubs?

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs are built and designed to last for years and years with no maintenance except normal cleaning. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Fiberglass, gel coat, shell.

How is the Best Buy walk-in tub installed?

Installation is very easy. Because the tubs fit into a regular tub space, no remodeling is needed. The cost of installation will vary by location and the tile options you select. Our walk-in tub is available in right-hand and left-hand versions.

What is the warranty?

All of our tubs come with a Lifetime Warranty on the door, double door seal, fiberglass tub shell, the steel frame and the 6 leveling legs. MOEN & Delta - Lifetime warranty - 10 year warranty on the Standard Faucet, air blower, inline heater, and cable operated drain system.

How much does it cost?

Best Buy Walk-In Tubs are built with the highest quality motors, fixtures and materials available on the market. Our basic installed pricing in Texas is going to range between $7750.00 & $11,000.00 INSTALLED depending on the model and the features chosen. For self install pricing please give us a call we have great contractor pricing. Toll Free 888-710-6430

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